~100 years of experience in the energy sector talk about the future

The format of the event involves both emeritus professors discussing their ideas on a set of topics relevant to the future of society. The questions are collected from PhD students and Master students from KU Leuven. Follow this link to register!

Tentative schedule:

17.30 – 18.00:  Reception before the event
18.00 – 18.10:  Presentation IEEE SB & YERA
18.10 – 20.10:  Discussion between Prof. Em. D’Haeseleer and Prof. Em. Belmans
20.10 – 20.15:  Wrap Up & Conclusion
20.15 onwards: Reception after the event

Prof. Em. William D’Haeseleer
Prof. Em. Ronnie Belmans

Dr. Hakan Ergun