DLP Federico Milano: A Geometric Interpretation of the Instantaneous Frequency

ESAT B91.200 kasteelpark arenberg 10, Belgium

Join this opportunity to hear the expert's voice on instantaneous frequency interpretation. Register here. The lecture presents a general framework to interpret the concept of Instantaneous Frequency (IF) in three-phase systems. In the first part, the conventional frequency-domain analysis based on the Fourier transform as well as the definition of IF, which is based on

DLP Federico Milano: Complex Frequency and Simple Control in Low Inertia Systems

Energy Ville Energy Ville 1, Thor Park 8310, Genk, Belgium

The conventional power system model for transient stability analysis assumes of quasi- steady-state phasors for voltages and currents. The crucial hypothesis on which such a model is defined is that the frequency required to define all phasors and system parameters is constant and equal to its nominal value. This model is appropriate as long as

ABB Industry Workshop

ESAT Aula R Kasteelpark Arenberg 10, Leuven, Belgium

During this exciting industry workshop, we will learn how ABB deals with energy management and control, as well as apparatus state monitoring. Follow this link to register. Glenn Ceusters will cover energy management and advanced process control, which can help reduce energy costs and CO2 emissions. Dries Van Laerhoven will talk about Asset Performance Management

Lunch Lecture by Emilia Chojkiewicz: “The trends and challenges of the US power system”

ESAT Aula L Kasteelpark Arenberg 10, Heverlee, Vlaams-Brabant, Belgium

  Register here! In this talk, we jump across the pond to dive deep into the dynamic landscape of the US power system. The discussion will explore how the accelerating shift towards renewable energy resources along with recent legislation like the Inflation Reduction Act is impacting the grid, highlighting active areas of research like congestion

BASF Antwerp Company Visit

Join is to visit the largest chemical production center in Belgium! BASF Antwerp's product range includes basic and specialty chemicals, plastics and precursors, processing products and inorganics. Event is free but registration is mandatory here. Bus pick-up point and time from Leuven will be communicated to the registered attendees at due time.