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What is Soirée Pratique?

A 'Soirée Pratique' is an evening workshop where you can have fun bringing your engineering skills in practice. Past sessions included soldering, micro processor programming, building robots, FabLab creations... Each session takes place on Monday evenings from 19h30-22h.
The main event we organize this year is the sumo robot competition on Wednesday 26th of April. 

contact: Maxim Vochten - [email protected] / Jonas Vantilt - [email protected] / Simon Ravyts - [email protected]

facebook group:

video of sumo competition 2015:

Planning 2016-2017

next session: Training session (Monday 24/04/2017 at ELEC 02.58 Practicumruimte)

Monday 10/10: arduino session @ESAT 02.58
Monday 24/10: sensor session @ESAT 02.58
Monday 14/11: motor session @ESAT 02.58
Monday 28/11: frame building session @Fablab
Monday 27/2: integration session @ ESAT 02.58
Monday 6/3: training session @ ESAT 02.58
Monday 20/3: programming session @ ESAT 02.58
Monday 27/3: training session @ ESAT 02.58
Wednesday 19/4: training session @ ESAT 02.58
Monday 24/4: training session @ ESAT 02.58
Wednesday 26/4: sumo robot competition Leuven @ Thermotech Machinezaal
(Wednesday 3/5: sumo robot competition Gent) 

We kindly ask you to register for each session separately. Please indicate if you can bring a laptop. The workshops are free of charge and open to non-members. The common aim of the majority of the workshops is creating a robot for the Sumo competition in the last session. Every workshop proposes a standard solution concerning the topic of the evening, although bringing your own hardware and using your own ideas is strongly encouraged! 

The planning is subject to change, hence look for our notifications on this website/facebook page.

Sumo robot competition 2016-2017

Estimated total cost of a standard sumo robot: around 45 euros.
We will refund one motor (up to 10 euro) if you participate in the competition!

Rules competition:

Introduction + Arduino session (10/10/2016)

Sensor session (24/10/2016)

Motor session (14/11/2016)

Frame building session (28/11/2016)

Integration session (27/02/2017)

Programming session (20/03/2017)


Sumo robot competition 2015-2016

This year we will provide a standard hardware (sumo robot frame + sensors + motors) and software solution available to everyone to start improving on.

sumo competition date:  13 April 2016 at Machinezaal (thermotechnisch instituut)

subscribe your robot here:

Introduction + Arduino session (3/11/2015)

Motor session (16/11/2015)

Sensor session (30/11/2015)

Frame session (FabLab) (22/02/2016)

Programming session (07/03/2016)

Ordering parts

Parts can be bought from the organizers during the sessions. If parts aren't available you can ask us to order them for you. If you wish to collect parts outside of the sessions, please contact Maxim Vochten (maxim.vocht[email protected]

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