Soirée Pratique spring 2014: introduction to Raspberry Pi

Monday, March 10, 2014 - 19:30

On Monday March 10th, 19h30 @ ESAT 02.58,
we organize the first of the Soirée Pratiques of this semester.

This session we'll introduce the Raspberry Pi,
a 'hot-item' for many hobby projects that need some processing power.
The Raspberry Pi provides an ARM based small computer running a full OS for a student budget friendly price!
In this session we'll look at Raspbian, a Linux distribution for Raspberry Pi based on Debian.

So what can you do with it?
We'll look at a simple example: a time lapse device (or nanny/spy/security cam if you wish) based on Raspberry Pi with an old webcam:

Does this sound to much computer science to you? No Linux experience? No Raspberry Pi?
No problem, we'll provide the material to get you stzrted right away!
Even better: we'll sell the Raspberry Pi's for an even more budget friendly price thanks to our sponsors
and IEEE members get a huge discount, (almost) the value of membership.
Checkout membership subscription and its benefits here:

Raspberry Pi + power cable + 8Gb SD card:
IEEE members: 30 euro
others: 45 euro

To access the Raspberry Pi's you'll need to bring a laptop or join someone with a laptop.
Seen the high number of network cables needed, we also ask whether you can bring one or two. (optional)


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