Easics Internships 2016 (Leuven)

Easics Internships 2016 (Leuven)

Easics internships 2016 (Leuven)

This year, some joined-up thinking has led us to come up with 3 really fun student summer job projects. We are actually so excited about them, that we are tempted to do them ourselves!
Nevertheless, we have been so kind to leave these nice (but challenging) opportunities to you.

- Summerjob 1 : Don't document the design; design the document.
- Summerjob 2 : Relentless tester wanted.
- Summerjob 3 : Motion-based digital whiteboard

Application deadline is 1st April 2016. Looking forward to your response!

Go to our website for the detailed descriptions and required skills.

Contact info URL: http://www.easics.com/jobs#summerjobs
Contact info mail: [email protected]