Soiree Technique: Autonomous Vehicles (Tuesday 23 Feb. 19h30, Aud. A ESAT)

Tuesday, February 9, 2016 - 13:30

The idea of autonomous vehicles becomes less and less a vision for the distant future. Transportation is becoming less dependent on human input, as today’s cars already have self-parking features and autonomous braking systems. However, to pave the road for self-driving cars, several challenges still need to be overcome in the domain of computer vision, control systems, data and privacy issues and legal boundaries. In this seminar, the current state and future needs for autonomous vehicles are discussed by three presenters:
o Prof. Luc van Gool: associated with PSI/Visics at ESAT,KU Leuven and Computer Vision Laboratory of ETHZ
o Filip Geuens, CEO of Xenomatix
o Harold Perik, Flanders MAKE

The seminar will take place on 23 February, starting at 19h30, at Aud. A ESAT. The seminar will be closed with a free reception.

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