Soirée Pratique fall 2013: arduino basics

Monday, October 14, 2013 - 19:30

The first 'Soirée Pratique' of this semester is on the popular and easy to program Arduino micro-controller.

We'll provide the Arduino's and equipment, you bring creativity and your laptop if you've one! We'll start with a short introduction and guide you through the setup.
At the end we'll give a small reception which gives you the oportunity to get to know us better and ask questions on further SP.

Please register below and indicate whether you'll bring a laptop.

If possible, download (and install) already the Arduino IDE on: (take the top one).

Practical info

  • The slides can be found below.
  • If you get "programmer not responding" while you set your board and connection right: try pushing the reset button as soon it is trying to upload
  • Beware of the polarity of leds/diodes... (different length of legs)
  • Be careful not to short-circuit parts of the board
  • See tutorials on
  • Make the following: (at least have a look at the example code)
    • Basics
    • Digital
    • Analog
    • Servo Library
  • Try yourself: e.g. Change colors of the 2-color led
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