IEEE Kicker Tournament, Season 2

Monday, February 20, 2017 - 13:00

After the successful and exciting first IEEE kicker tournament, it is time for the second season! Unleash your kicker/foosball/table football skills against your colleagues and crown yourself as the new kicker kings of ESAT (or just have some fun playing against new opponents). You even get a trophy! Beginner or Pro, find a teammate and just join the tournament!


The first round will be a group phase, after which we will continue to the knock-out phase (just like the World Cup).

There is no fixed time slot for playing your matches, so you can arrange with your opponents to play when it suits you best.

More information will follow when registrations close on Friday, March 10

*If you have difficulties finding a teammate, contact us! We might be able to locate another free player.