Easics Internships 2017 (Leuven)

This year, we have one summerjob for 3 students, name of the project: Electroniad
Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence are hot topics.
The second edition of the international Electroniad quiz will take place on 14 September 2017, in Leuven.
We are looking for bright engineering students to build a live scoring system for this quiz.

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Easics Internships 2016 (Leuven)

This year, some joined-up thinking has led us to come up with 3 really fun student summer job projects. We are actually so excited about them, that we are tempted to do them ourselves!
Nevertheless, we have been so kind to leave these nice (but challenging) opportunities to you.

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Easics internships 2015 (Leuven)

UPDATE: The internship positions for the summer of 2015 have already been filled. Applications for internship during the summer of 2016 can be sent from January till May 2016.

Studenten geinteresseerd in een stageplaats of zomerjob bij Easics kunnen meer info vinden op en kunnen hun aanvragen richten aan: [email protected]

We zoeken studenten van volgende richtingen:

- elektrotechniek: multimedia & geintegreerde elektronica

Melexis internships summer 2015 (Tessenderlo)

Melexis has several interesting internship positions available, please see the attached documents for more information.

ICsense summer internship (Leuven)

Expanding an automated schematic generator (written by Jan Verstreken) and application towards the design of some layout topologies.

Please contact [email protected] for additional information

General information about internships at ESAT

For students:

For companies: If your company or organization has internship positions available that might interest our members, feel free to contact us.