Soirée technique - On the Energy Transition in Belgium

Wednesday, April 25, 2018 - 17:00

The IEEE Student Branch Leuven invites you to an evening with three speakers from different backgrounds. The topic of the evening will be Belgium's energy transition.

When: Wednesday 25 April
Where: Room 01.62, ESAT, KULeuven
17:30 Pieter Lodewijks (VITO/ EnergyVille) The future of the energy supply in Belgium: An objective lookout towards 2030
18:15 Johan Driesen (KUL / EnergyVille) New technologies that can support the energy transition
18:45 Kristof Sleurs (Elia) The future Belgian Extra High Voltage Grid: Grid development as a strategic lever for realizing the energy transition
19:30 Reception

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