Opening Activity 2012: Egg Drop Contest

Wednesday, October 3, 2012 - 13:30 to 17:00

Wednesday, 3 October 2012, IEEE Student Branch Leuven organizes its OPENING ACTIVITY. Part of the activities is the EGG DROP CONTEST, which will be held on the parking lot in front of ESAT, from 1.30pm to 5pm. Design your own construction to protect a raw egg from breaking after a drop of 10m and win great prizes!

So: fabricate your own egg conserving device and win a nice prize! Inspiration can be found on our foto page!

There are three categories:

  1. Originality: A jury will evaluate the participating constructions.
  2. Precision: 2 meters from the scissor lift, there is a bullseye. The construction that lands closest to the bullseye, wins. The distance is measured from the center of the bullseye to the most distant point of the construction (in three dimensions).
  3. Time: The design that stays in the air for the longest duration wins. It can not go up during this time and it has to hit the ground within 10m from the bullseye.

In the case of a draw in categories 2 or 3, an extra attempt is allowed for both participants. If they can not both try again due to absence, the winner will be determined by drawing lots.

Please have a look at the rules at the bottom of this page.

The winners are announced during the evening programme in auditorium A around 7.30pm. If the winner is not present, the second in rank will be given the prize.

We hope to see lots of students and personnel of ESAT with their own egg-drop protection system!

Contest Rules

  1. The raw (uncooked) chicken egg must land intact. The egg is broken if the shell is visibly broken. The construction is then disqualified for the three categories.
  2. The used construction must fall along with the egg. A construction on the ground is not allowed.
  3. Participating is free as an individual or as a team.
  4. Every participant can have 3 tries.
  5. The eggs are delivered by the organization just before the drop.
  6. It should be easy to place and to remove the egg into and from the construction. In case the egg needs to be removed for inspection and it breaks then, the attempt has failed.
  7. No dangerous materials or products can be used. The organization can cancel an attempt in case of danger.
  8. The construction must be autonomous. Once dropped, it can not be influenced anymore by anyone.
  9. The construction must be small and light enough for it to be lifted by the scissors lift.
  10. A construction can only win a prize in 1 category
  11. The organization has the right to prevent any construction from participating without having to justify themselves.
  12. The organization and the jury always have the last say, but will commit to being fair.
  13. The organization is not responsible for damage, theft or accidents. Damage inflicted to others or caused costs are always on the account of the participant.
  14. By participating, the participants agree with these rules and commit to following them.
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