Soirée Technique: Laser Weapons

Thursday, October 24, 2013 - 18:00

On Thursday, the 24th of October (18h-20h),
The IEEE and SPIE OSA student branch Leuven are organising a technical seminar on "Adaptive optics and free electron lasers for laser weapons"
by Professor Emile Schweicher from the Belgian Royal Militarty School.
In this seminar,
The first part will cover the theory of adaptive optics, chemical lasers and chemical oxygen iodine lasers and air borne lasers.
Military and space observation applications will be presented along the seminar.
The second part will cover the theory of free electron lasers, and how it is used in military weapons.

A reception is later provided by the IEEE and SPIE OSA student branches.
This seminar is aimed at people interested in optics, advanced imaging technologies, or who are interested in space observation or military technology.

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